Other workshops include but are not limited to: The Pin, Using and Applying Leaf as in Gold and silver, Book Making.

Broken Pot
Women gather once a month to make books, mosaic pots, note cards, etc. - all from discarded and unloved treasures found in the trash bins of America.
Robideaux Art Institute
Garden Angel workshop
The Garden Angel Workshop has as it's main focus a "lively spirit" protecting the pot from enemy insects, drought and the other things that seem to come after plants and herbs.
Garden angels are constructed from wood scraps and dowels ... rusty bottle caps and finally decorated with paint and gold leaf.
Painting the face can be the most challenging part as some smearing of the features keeps it from looking human!

Robideaux Art Institute
Friendship Candle workshop
This workshop is about sharing a concept with friends by making multi-layered candles together. Sue is painting melted crayon mixed with gulf wax on the outside layer of a white candle.


Robideaux Art Institute
The Lampshade workshop
This workshop begins with watercolor and ends with learning about the mysterious art of constructing the shade, applying hardware and trimming the bottom.
Robideaux Art Institute
The Garden Journal workshop
This workshop has a little bit of something for everyone: exploring, collecting ,constructing and learning how to press leaves and flowers. Another phase of this workshop looks at creating suncatchers from dried leaves and flowers.
Robideaux Studio Kid art classes
Two classes of homeschoolers are learning the basics of drawing. Composition, contrast, line quality and proportion are emphasized. Students are learning blind contour and modified blind contour drawing in an effort to expand concentration on the subject matter. Prior to compositional studies, students explored one and two point perspective.

Discovery Montessori

Students are currently creating light catchers. Dried flowers, leaves, stamped papers, stamps and ornemental papers are captured between layers of tissue paper...wax is then dropped on the papers and fused by using an iron.